Online Backup protect your business

If you’re not backing up your company data, you’re not protecting your business. Having a backup of your important business data helps you avoid huge costs trying to recover lost data, or — even worse — permanent data loss that could damage your competitive position, create legal issues or ultimately jeopardize your business. Keepit helps you protect all your data — easily and without obscene costs or complicated setups.
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IT policies are inconvenient

You may have realised the need for protecting your business data, and you may even have implemented IT policies to help you do so. Unfortunately, for all the good intentions of IT policies, they present such an inconvenience to employees that they often aren’t respected. Instead of following the company policies, which usually involves saving files on shared and secured network drives, they save their files, documents, spreadsheets and other important documents where it is most convenient – on their unprotected laptops.

Are you at risk?

You may already think you are safe using ordinary hard drives or tape for backing up your critical business data; but your external hard drives and in-house tape backup are subject to the very same risks as your laptops and servers. It can break down, get stolen and, unless you actually have it stored in an external location, it is just as likely to get destroyed in case of a fire or flood.

Complicated and expensive

Not only is hard drive and tape backup playing jeopardy with your business, it is also an extremely complicated, costly and time-consuming solution. With the ever-increasing amount of business data it’s important that you have a backup solution that’s flexible and can easily be adapted to your needs. Traditional backup solutions are not flexible; they are complicated, expensive and time-consuming to set up and maintain.

Mobile employees

Most companies have mobile employees who travel, go to external meetings or work from home, and bring their laptop to and from work and meetings. This makes upholding IT policies and ensuring regular backups of their computers a challenge.

Hard disks will fail

Fact is that 100% of hard drives eventually fail and it’s one of the reasons that 25% of all PC users suffer data loss each year. Add to that the fact that 7 out of 10 small businesses that experience a major data loss go out of business within a year of that loss. Are you willing to run that risk?

Manual backup is insecure backup

Research shows that the majority of businesses that backup using external hard drives do so inconsistently and often skip backup procedures due to the manual work involved. Even if you do backup regularly, why would you expect your external hard drive or server to be less exposed to the risk of theft or disaster than your computer?

Keepit Classic is simple, secure and automatic online backup

Keepit allows both small and large companies to easily manage backups on their laptops, workstations and servers. Combining central deployment and configuration with an easy to use control panel, Keepit helps you secure your invaluable company data better and much easier than before while providing you with a perfect overview of your companys backup health. Many companies create IT policies aimed at preventing data loss, but the IT policies are rarely respected by the employees, and do not adequately protect your company data. With our advanced yet easy to use control panel any IT manager has the perfect tool to ensure that all computers are backed up. You don’t need many obstacles to getting your backups done, before you simply don’t get them done. We aim to eliminate those obstacles. Everything about Keepit is designed with the goal of keeping it as simple as possible. Why try to sell you a Swiss Army Knife, when your specific need is a reliable knife?


  • Manage multiple users easily
  • Automatic backup every day
  • 60 day backup versioning
  • 256-bit Rijndael-encryption guarantees your privacy
  • Data replicated between physically separate locations
  • Secure and simple restore process